Built in one hundred and twenty seven acres of Cheshire’s finest countryside, the course is fast maturing to become one of Cheshire’s premier golf venues and features all the elements needed for a player’s maximum enjoyment.

The Course with Tees and Greens of USGA standard offer a real challenge to all levels. The Competition Tees make for a formidable test on such holes as the sixth- a 250 yard par 3 over water.

Mature trees, hedgerows, water features and wide fairways, all add up to golf at its best.

On the environmental front, many rare black poplar trees form a major feature in the design of the course. The course also incorporates nine ponds within its boundaries making it a highly environmental project.

The seventeenth and eighteenth holes are as goos a finishing combination as you’ll find when trying to hold a card together under the pressure of competition play.

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